Music 114 — Fall 2020 — Week 3 Section


Graded quizzes

Reading responses still due. Keep those up.

Quiz two is next week, start preparing for that; for those of you who didn’t do as well as you hoped, schedule office hours with me to go over what you can do to improve.


  1. Raeburn, Bruce
    1. Into the Between
      1. What does this title, in and of itself, tell us about what jazz represents in the mythology of American popular music?
    2. Can someone define interstiial?
    3. Lets name 3 ways that Raeburn demonstrates this in-between-ness.
    4. Are you convinced by his larger argument?
      1. How can we incorporate aspects of, for example, power in this in-between-ness?
      2. Is this a convincing way to think about jazz given what you know?
  2. Byrd, Jodi
    1. Space rather than temporality… What does it mean?
      1. How does place map on to power?
        1. We always want to be aware of who yeilds power in these scenarios.
    2. If we understand place as being the modus operandi of modes of relationships for Native Americans and Black Americans, does it help or hurt our understandings of power?

Alternative Assignment

  1. Connect the above questions to these musical examples:
    1. Raeburn, Bruce
      1. Second Line Parade in Memory of Trumpeter Abram Wilson
    2. Byrd, Jodi
      1. No assignment for the Byrd; just make sure you’ve read and understood the main arguments about space as a theoretical framework and how it differs from place and time.

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