Music 114 — Fall 2020 — Week 4 Section


  1. Quiz is this week Friday; due at 11:59 PST (California Time)
    1. Please make sure to get your quiz in on time, we are not going to tolerate tardiness moving forward.
      • The turnaround should be quick, the plan is to have them returned by Monday.
  2. Office Hours: If you are worried about the quiz or writing assignments that are coming up, please schedule office hours with me.
    1. My office hours aren’t a set time to work best on your schedule.
  3. Writing Assignments
    1. Concert Reports — Due at the end of the Quarter
    2. Paper Outlines — Week 7

Content — Readings

  1. Frith — Rhythm, Sex, and the Body
    1. What is Simon Frith’s argument regarding what the popular discourse says about the mind body division?
      1. Give an example of music that is of the mind.
      2. Give an example of music that is of the body.
    2. What is Frith’s evaluation of these arguments?
      1. It is socially constructed.
        1. But what does that mean?
      2. How does he complicate our notion of mind/body dichotomies?
        1. How is this a parallel for high/low culture we’ve been talking about in lecture?
  2. Stussy — 12 Bar Blues
    1. This is more of a technical reading; if you are confused by the form of the genre, refer to this video.
      1. We are going to deconstruct this video together. For now, focus on the lyrical scheme, what is repeated, how many times, and the order.
    2. Form — the order a song unfolds over time.

Alternative Assignment

  1. Pick two examples, one that is “of the mind” and one that is “of the body” and compare and contrast the ways this false dichotomy can be complicated by Frith.
    1. For example, Beethoven versus Jimi Hendrix.

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