Music 114 — Fall 2020 — Week 2 Section


  1. Quiz this Friday, you’ll have until 11:59 on Friday to complete it.
  2. What have you been listening to lately? Anything that you think relates to the class?

Content — Readings

  1. Davis — I Used to be Your Sweet Mama
    1. Blues Femininity
      1. How does Davis complicate our notion of what blues is?
        1. What are some identity categories we might ascribe to blues artists?
      2. Name the 3 types of blues.
        1. What are the characteristics of each?
  2. Malone — Folk Origins of Southern Music
    1. Cultural Mixture
      1. Someone define cultural purity?
        1. Why might this be a myth?
      2. What do I mean when I say circulation?

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