MUS114 – Summer 2021 – Session B – Week 2

  1. Housekeeping
    1. Please, if possible, turn your videos on 🙂 Your engagement means a lot to me!
    2. Quiz 1 should be graded by section time! (This is a goal/reminder for myself haha).

  1. Content
    1. Malone
      1. Culture as movement
        1. What music does Malone center in this chapter?
        2. How did this music come to be?
          1. What were the “cultural streams?”
            1. List explicitly
        3. What does he mean by “musical interchange?”
          1. How is this different, or not, from cultural appropriation?
    2. Davis
      1. Culture as Structure
        1. What music does Davis center in this chapter?
        2. Who were some of the people Davis uses as case studies?
          1. What were some important characteristics of their identity that would be good to remember?
          2. What did they sing about?
            1. How was this revolutionary for the time?

  1. Writing Task: P1
    1. Eli Review
      1. You have a short writing task to complete.
      2. Do practice writing task.

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