MUS114 – Summer 2021 – Session B – Week 3


  1. P1 is coming up, so keep that on your radar.
    1. We’re going to be doing a lot of work on this today.
  2. How are you folks doing? How is the course going? Fast? Slow?


  1. Jones, LeRoi ‘Swing — From Verb to Noun’
    1. What music is Jones (Baraka) centering here? What is swing?
    2. Who remembers, from last week, the two “sides” of appropriation/mixing?
      1. Hint: Davis and Malone
    3. Would Jones (Baraka) agree or disagree with this statement: Black Americans have cultural ownership over jazz/blues.
    4. How does Jones frame what Paul Whiteman or Benny Goodman does?
    5. Are there any parallels you can think of today?
  2. P1 Writing
    1. First piece of advice: If you would like to send me your Eli review statements and workshop it with me, I will accept them until 24 hours before the deadline of P1. The earlier you get it in, the better.
    2. Second: If you think during the writing of the paper proper that you’re going in a different direction than originally planned, that’s ok!
    3. What is “reverse engineering a thesis?”
      1. This is when you organize your thoughts and supporting arguments around your topic into a centrally argued sentence that points the reader to what exactly it is you’re arguing.
    4. Example:
      1. John Mayer’s Sob Rock
        1. Thesis: ???
        2. Argument:
          1. Daniel likes Mayer’s new album because it reminds him of 80s music.
            1. The synthesizers play a big role.
          2. Daniel says that he uses music to memorialize moments (this is “our” song).
          3. Daniel grew up with John Mayer’s music and has traced the development of his style with his own coming of age.
        3. Reverse Engineered Thesis: Daniel’s use of music demonstrates a structural/functional use of music to index memories and nostalgia through the development of Mayer as an artist and iconic signs associated with music production of the last 50 years.

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  1. If you’re interested in checking out some of the Persian rap I was talking about during the section, my cousin’s stage name is Erfan. A recent song you might want to check out is Paydari.

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