MUS114 – Summer 2021 – Session B – Week 5


  1. Pretty sweet deal with the reading response this week!!!
  2. Keep working on P2!
    1. Any questions so far?


I want us to specifically focus on the Hebdige and Lewis pieces today, and we’ll do some exercises with P2.

  1. Hebdige 1979: A professor at UCSB who just retired this past summer! Influential in the field of cultural studies, sociology, music studies, a whole bunch!
    1. What is style? What can be included in style?
    2. How do we read style? What does it mean to make something a text?
    3. Has anyone heard of postmodernism?
      1. Get ready for a rollercoaster.
        1. If I say let’s analyze this text, where does your mind go?
          1. Let’s go with Shakespeare
        2. But look at it from another perspective, does the message change when someone reads this out loud? What about puts it at 72 font on Word? What if the entire text was translated and performed in Korean??? We said we were analyzing Romeo and Juliet, but this person is currently screaming in Korean and this isn’t like any Romeo and Juliet performance I’ve ever seen.
        3. Postmodernists as a group usually refer to texts as a series of floating signifiers, that we attach arbitrary meaning to “texts” (as broadly defined as possible) but that these meaning making systems are pliable.
    4. ALL OF THIS TO SAY: Hebdige’s argument is that Punks don’t use imagery associated with the third reich because they believe in antisemitism, among other things. They do it because… Someone please answer this part!
      1. What is the style being read here?
      2. What is the floating signifier?
  1. Lewis 1990
    1. MTV!
    2. De jure vs. de facto
      1. What is written versus what is true in reality/experience.
    3. What was MTV’s de jure population they were trying to cater towards? This was the official tagline by the station…
    4. What was the de facto content they provided?
      1. Who’s subjectivity was represented here?

Next Week:

  1. No section!
  2. BUT: During that time, I will offer slots to students who want to come in and workshop their paper for the last time before turning them in. The way this will be most productive is if you come in with a paper that is ready to turn in that I can tweak and give you pointers on, instead of something like an outline.
  3. THANK YOU!!! You folks have been an amazing cohort of students and I’m so proud of all of you for the work you’ve put in!
  4. PS: Grades are coming, I promise.

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  1. According to Hebdige, style is constructed through a combination of clothing, music, dance, make-up and drugs. Style as homology, and the punk subculture, signified chaos at every level, but this was only possible because style itself was so thoroughly ordered. The style is about the characteristics that it has.
    Hebdige’s argument is that Punks don’t use imagery associated with the third reich because they believe in antisemitism, among other things. They do it because Punks portray different things with the mainstream, and they show their special place in their music and their thoughts to others.

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