MUS114 – Winter 2021 – Week 1


  1. Quiz this Friday, you will have until 11:59PM California time to complete it.
  2. Questions about the syllabus? Gauchospace?
  3. Drop something you’ve been listening to in the chat!


  1. Shuker
    1. Page 9. What does Shuker mean by “media literacy” and “critical distance”?What does Shuker mean by “media literacy” and “critical distance”?
    2. Page 13-14. Everyone has “cultural capital” based on their own “social position,” according to French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu.
    3. What is high culture? What is low culture? Name some examples for each.
    4. Page 20-21. A sense of “economic determinism” emerges out of the industrial/political economy view of popular music. What does it mean? What do you think is the relationship between consumption and production? Who is in control – the consumer or the industry?
  2. Feld
    1. Page 238. What does Feld mean by the melody and countermelody of musical appropriation?
    2. One of the central case studies in this reading is the 1986 Paul Simon album called Graceland. Follow Feld’s description of Graceland. On page 242, he makes an important move in his argument by calling the collaborating musicians “wage laborers.” Then, Feld comes to the important concept of ownership within musical appropriation. Why does he call ownership a “boundary line” between the melody and countermelody of appropriation?

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  1. Hi, I have a question from this week’s lecture:

    1) Could you explain Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” music video and how it relates to cultural production? I was wondering if you could possibly clarify the meaning of the three things (industry, lived culture, signs and symbols) and how the interaction of two of the three work together.

    So with this in mind, are these interactions what allows for the articulation of hegemons? Without these interactions, articulation would not be possible?

    2) Also, in the reading guide there was a term “consciousness industry”. I had a hard time understanding this term.

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