MUS114 – Winter 2021 – Week 4


  • Reading response #2 is due Friday @ 11:59 California time.
    • You should have already received a grade for reading response #1, if you haven’t please let me know in an email and we can work it out!
  •  Complete the interview(s) for P1. Listen to the recording afterwards—or read over your notes—and assemble a P1 statement following the guidelines in the prompt. Get secondary sources to support this statement as needed. In Week 5, you will begin submitting writing for P1 in the peer-review task.
  • Check in: How did the past week go? Any questions, concerns? Do y’all know about my *~office hours~*?


  • Davis (1998) “I Used to Be Your Sweet Mama: Ideology, Sexuality and Domesticity.” **In Blues Legacies and Black Feminism: Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday.
    • Biography: Who is Angela Y. Davis?
    • Who are the main subjects of this chapter?
      • What is interesting in terms of their positionality relative to Blues music at the time?
        • What is a subject position/positionality?
    • How would you describe Classic Blues musically?
      • Lyrically?
      • Instruments/arrangement?
    • What is the musical form? (Hint! We covered this all last week!)
    • Let us turn to the lyrics: what are some common themes that you’re pulling out from the lyrics? How does Davis make her point with these lyrical analyses?
      • What IS the point?
        • What is the thesis of the chapter?

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