MUS114 – Winter 2021 – Week 6


  1. Migraine this week, section didn’t happen. I appreciate those who reached out and checked in on me, meant the world!


  1. Frith, Simon (1996)
    1. He lays out a few binaries that seem to come in to play when studying culture; for example high vs. low, nature vs. culture, etc. Name all of these and try to understand how these binaries relate to race.
    2. How did white audiences racialize early rock and roll, similarly to how they did jazz?
    3. Explain “white-boy-wildly-sings-black” and “blacking up.”
    4. How does rhythm figure into the discussion of African musics and the influences of African American musics regarding popular music in the United States?
    5. The structure of writing that Frith is engaging with here is called a “strawman argument.”
      1. He is NOT saying that there is a division between mind/body in the ideologies that surround rock and roll.
        1. He IS saying that these divisions are constructions which are based in racist assumptions.
  2. Menand, Louis (2000)
    1. Quick Note: This is a piece from the New Yorker, therefore is NOT a scholarly source.
    2. The basic theoretical framework that Menand is working with here is circulation. How are the Beatles “selling rock and roll back to America?”
      1. How does race play into this selling back of rock and roll?
    3. What were the aesthetic attributes of the Beatles?
      1. Identities? Fashion? Music?
      2. How were these different from early rock and roll stars, say, Chuck Berry?

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