MUS114 – Winter 2021 – Week 7


  1. If you can, turn your cameras on! 🙂
  2. Quiz 4 this Friday, due at 11:59PM California time.
  3. Office hours: Thursday from 3-4PM California time.
  4. P1: some of you folks should have received grades from me by now, I am still working through them and hope to have them done by Friday Night/Saturday Morning.


  1. Szatmary, David (2004)
    1. Who are the folk and what was being revived?
    2. What is the political leaning for musicians, like, Woody Guthrie?
    3. How was what Bob Dylan and Joan Baez doing considered “counter cultural?”
      1. What makes something “counter cultural?”
  2. Garofalo, Reebee (1992)
    1. What was the Civil Rights Movement?
      1. Build me a context of what was happening in the 1960s in the United States.
      2. What was the three step relationship between music and the Civil Rights Movement?
    2. What “step” would James Brown fall into?
      1. Let’s hear some James Brown!
  3. Hebdige, Dick (1979)
    1. Note: I am a huge Hebdige fan, as he is a Professor at UCSB, and have read this work many times over! A real masterclass in cultural studies!
    2. Who were the punks? Describe their social position…
      1. What did they look like, move like, listen to, read?
    3. How does style become a heuristic device for us to understand what is going on mechanically in the subculture?
      1. What the heck is a subculture and how does it differ from “culture?”
    4. CW: Discussion of antisemitism and the Holocaust.
      1. How was the swastika used as a means of “style” for the punks, according to Hebdige?
        1. What does it mean to “empty an offensive signifier?”

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