Music 114 — Fall 2020 — Week 5 Section


  1. No live section this week…
    1. Hold space and take care of yourselves with all the precarity and uncertainty surrounding the election.
    2. I am here for anyone who needs it, shoot me an email and I will do my best to help in any way I can.
    3. Please review this page for info for what we should have covered this week (we’ll go over some of it in section next week).
    4. Please turn in your reading response for week 5 (this week) and week 6 (next week) by your section in WEEK 6. Just to clarify, I would like to see BOTH your reading responses in by next week, and will not be checking week 5’s until then!
  2. If you have time and energy, send me a quick email about what you’re thinking about doing for your final project/outlines. This will give me some heads up and be able to steer you in certain directions!
  3. Quizzes should be graded by the end of the week.
    1. I know I told you by Monday, so apologies for my tardiness.

Content — Readings

  1. Garofalo — Popular Music and the Civil Rights Movement
    1. Garofalo identifies three stages of music around the period of the Civil Rights Movement in the US.
      • Identify these three stages, and name some musical, as well as lyrical, characteristics of these moments.
      • How has music been used as a contested site of struggle for Black Americans?
    2. How can we define what is “protest music” versus what is “not?”
      • Can you think of 21st century examples of protest music, specifically from a Black American milieu?
  2. Lee — Singing for the People
    1. How would you characterize the difference in approaches between Westerman and Sainte-Marie?
      • How were these differences aimed at particular audiences?
  3. Overall Themes:
    1. What is protest music, and musical protest?

Alternative Assignment

  1. There is no alternative assignment this week, everyone will receive full credit for section attendance.

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