Music 114 — Fall 2020 — Week 6 Section


  1. Quiz 3 this coming Friday, due at 11:59 California time.
    1. Focus on the readings we’re going to be covering today, as well as seeing ties between the readings and lectures.
  2. Please reach out if you’d like to get some initial feedback on a paper idea/topic as I will read up to a full draft if you send it 48 hours before it is due (Friday of Week 7).
    1. This outline is a critical step in trying to formulate work that you can both manage and be proud of. I want to support you folks as much as I can!
  3. For section today, we’re going to be going over two weeks worth of readings, so be prepared to move quickly with questions and answers so we can cover as much ground as possible!

Content — Readings

  1. Menand — Why They Were Fab
    1. Who were the Beatles, give a brief biography of them as a band.
    2. What kind of music did they play?
      1. How was this music influenced by, and influencing of, American music?
        1. Give some specific examples of who they were influenced by.
    3. How does this cultural exchange figure in to something that ethnomusicologists call “circulation?”
      1. Think about drawing a diagram to help you understand what was being sent versus being received by the US and Britain.
  2. Carr — Deadhead Tales
    1. How does Carr see ritual as a modus operandi of Deadhead culture?
      1. In other words, why does ritual become the framework to analyze Deadheads?
    2. What is communitas? How does Carr see it figuring into Deadheads overall?
    3. How does this idea of superstition, ritual, and communitas relate to more contemporary musics?
      1. EDM?

Alternative Assignment

  1. For this week, I’d like a short response answering the questions I’ve posed above.
    1. You don’t have to answer every question in depth, but the main ideas should be there.
    2. This will help prepare you for the quiz.
      1. Also, do not forget to review last week’s post, which details how we want you to approach those readings (but a response is not required).
    3. There isn’t a media text this week, because covering 4 media texts in a short response would be asking a lot of you folks. So just be sure to keep up with listening we’re covering in lectures!

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