Music 114 — Fall 2020 — Week 7 Section


  1. I am planning on getting caught up with grading by this Friday, so we’ll see how that plays out.
  2. Paper outlines due this Friday at 11:59PM California time.
    1. I am still willing to read drafts and consult with you on sources.
    2. Try your absolute best to include at least one or two of the sources you will use for your paper so that I can recommend you additional ones.
  3. Do not forget about concert reports, these are going to come up pretty fast.
    1. If you have reservations or questions about whether or not a concert is appropriate, ask and I’ll let you know if it is!


  1. bell hooks — Selling Hot Pussy
    1. What is the cultural marketplace?
      1. Is culture an object? Is it consumable?
    2. What parallels does hooks make in relationship to Sarah Bartmann and Tina Turner?
      1. Who were each of these figures separately?
      2. How does the commodification of Black female bodies occur both literally and through the cultural marketplace?
    3. How does hooks theorize intersectionality?
      1. How does this gender and race analysis turn into a class analysis as well?
  2. Kim and English
    1. What connection do Kim and English draw between Janelle Monae and George Clinton, Parliament, and P-Funk?
      1. How does Monae’s music and performance diverge from the Funk of the 1970s as represented by P-Funk?
    2. Kim and English focus their discussion on the internal tensions of commodity culture, late capitalism and technoculture.
      1. How, according to the authors, are the visionary political, cultural, and technological ideals of Funk challenged by the commoditizing imperatives of the music industry and our late capitalist society, and how do the musicians in the reading deal with these challenges?

Alternative Assignment

  1. Watch THIS video for Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got To Do With It and perform a close reading using bell hook’s intersectional framework. Connect it with another example you can think of from the last few years.

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